UFTAA enjoys an excellent relationship with the IRU.

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) is the world road transport organisation, which upholds the interests of bus, coach, taxi and truck operators to ensure economic growth and prosperity via the sustainable mobility of people and goods by road worldwide.  

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Global Taxi Service Quality Network (GTN)?

The IRU Global Taxi Service Quality Network (GTN) is a network of taxi industry federations (members) and taxi app providers (Partners). Partners are certified by the federations as meeting a list of pre-defined GTN quality criteria.

What is the objective of GTN?

The GTN has been created to promote legal, reliable, high quality and safe services to taxi customers by making use of the latest technology related to smartphone applications for taxis, in full respect of the regulatory framework in force.

How to become a GTN Partner?

Any taxi smartphone application service provider is entitled to apply to become a GTN Partner. To be eligible, the app has to meet a pre-defined set of GTN’s service quality conditions, and sign the GTN’s Service Quality Commitment CharterApplications   are assessed by the GTN Evaluation Committee. For more information Contact the IRU in Brussels to find out more information and to submit an application to join the GTN.

Please refer to the GTN FAQ page for further information.


IRU Permanent Delegation to the EU

32-34 av. de Tervueren, bte 17
1040 Brussels
Tel: +32-2-743 25 80
Fax: +32-2-743 25 99
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UFTAA members can benefit from this – Please log on for further details to  http://www.iru.org/en_global_taxi_network 



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